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We at Anthem Financial help clients align their financial decisions with their goals and their goals with the values. Through our financial planning process to determine their unique values, clients are driven to be focussed on the certainty of uncertainty first which then aligns their saving and investing behavior with their unique set of values. This saving and investing behavior gives them the confidence that whenever they need money, for whatever reason, there will be a smart place to get it. This puts their voice of reason at the forefront of their unique financial plan.

That is why we are different, we show clients why their saving and investing behavior has a greater influence on their financial condition than bull or bear markets, outside forces beyond their control and prepares them for the certainty of uncertainty.   


At Anthem Financial we focus on each client’s behavioral finance because our experience has shown that financial success is about more than just making the right investment decisions at the outset; it’s also about managing the many behavioral and emotional pitfalls we face on the journey. Knowing your Financial DNA gives consistency and direction to your financial plan and helps us, as your advisors, know how to best serve you and guide you toward your ideal future. 

We encourage you to take our Financial DNA quiz right now and let us help you align your values with your Financial DNA behavior.

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